We are a business consultancy company, combining industry, technology and business experience through its professionals to deliver highly qualified services and to help achieve effective and concrete results.

“ Along with our customers, we turn a strategic vision into reality…”

This is our “ Mission ”

PUMA-services-for-business-in-bulgariaPUMA Ltd under the “ Investing into the Future ” project offers all entrepreneurs interested in the Bulgarian market news, information, statistics, trends, partnership opportunities, discussions and more. With dedicated consulting focused on individual business needs, we will together identify the best positioning for your business in an international business friendly marketplace that will enable you to grow your business globally. Trust us, let us find out all the benefits offered by this emerging market, we will help you recognize good partnership opportunities and find opportunities to do business.

PUMA offers its clients business consulting services targeted at the internationalization process of the company, both in Europe and other continents, and the exploitation of the benefits of the global market. The activity we offer to you is focused on business support with a wide range of services, from business information, legal assistance, partner search, or exploration missions to Italian companies who want to look to the market of Bulgaria and the Balkans in general or vice versa, to establish their operational base.

In tax planning, personalized solutions are sought and proposed to optimize the tax burden on the Enterprise. We offer a series of targeted and specific tools, and therefore we also use the collaboration of highly selected and highly qualified professionals and consultants to provide the best support to entrepreneurs and to address every specific problem.

“ It is possible to meet professionals in both Italian and Bulgarian ”

In particular, it provides support and support activities at Bulgarian institutions and institutions, information on the Bulgarian reality as a whole and specifically on the various territorial and productive districts, with macroeconomic prospects and reports covering the main expanding sectors or strategic importance for the country and for Italian companies, in addition to all the necessary legal, tax, and tax information for entry into Bulgarian economic and industrial realities; information, orientation and assistance regarding the main European public funding for SMEs and up-to-date information on tenders and tenders promoted by Bulgarian institutions, agencies and municipalities.

Organizational-logistical support in organizing company seminars, events, trade fairs and presentations on the Bulgarian economy and the Balkan area to be held in Bulgaria and Italy.

It is our custom to manage “project” practices, providing solutions tailored to your needs, formulating quotes tailored to your specific needs, customizing every detail, from the “exploration” mission, to the creation of detailed macroeconomic prospects, business sector meetings and Bulgarian and Italian-Bulgarian institutions and institutions, meetings we will do together.

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